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Honda CR-Z: data, price and equipment web page publishes the first data on the new Honda CR-Z.

The Honda CR-Z is now available in Spain. Dealers and support Japan's brand orders hybrid coupe, but the first units will be delivered to buyers from June 2010.

Three finishes are available for the CR-Z: Sport, GT and GT Plus, with prices starting from 21,900 euros. Not particularly cheap, reaching a price slightly above the Honda Insight, with whom he shares hybrid technology, and entering into direct competition with the Volkswagen Scirocco, for example, although this is a larger and more powerful engines available.

Recall that the Honda CR-Z is only available with a single hybrid engine, comprising a combustion engine to 1.5 VTEC 114 hp and an electric motor of 14 hp and 78 Nm of torque, with a combined capacity of 124 hp. Thanks to its contained dimensions, 4.8 meters long and 1.39 meters in height, weight also remains at quite acceptable limits, with 1,222 kg

This also has its counterpart in a smaller interior space, with 2 +2 seats and a trunk of just 215 liters.

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