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Honda will review more than one million cars around the world between Jazz and CR-Z CR-V

Honda has announced it will review more than one million vehicles worldwide because of several shortcomings. The cars in question are the Fit / Jazz, the CR-Z and the CR-V.

First, the Japanese manufacturer will have to review 960,000 Fit / Jazz in the world because of a defect in the windows switches, although most of these cars were sold in Asia. The problem, which more than one will sound far-fetched, is that the switch design allows debris to accumulate cleaning products, so that eventually could reach degrade the contacts and cause a small fire.

As for the CR-Z, Honda has announced that the ruling is electronic in nature, affecting specifically the Engine ECU. The reason is that when the car stalls and is very low on power, the electric motor can rotate in the opposite direction in the selected gear change, which could lead to accidents as inexplicable as silly for a car park. The lump sum amounts to 26,000 cars.

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