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Hybrid Cars

More power internal combustion engine, the result of the union of both elements are born hybrid cars. Their progress in recent years has been substantial and are seen as the real and viable alternative and efficient vehicles. We tell you how, plus detallarte a long list of cars already sold and many more to come soon.

Together in a vehicle internal combustion engine, gasoline or diesel-, an extra battery as well as the conventional one or more electric motors. End result: hybrid vehicles. According to its operation and configuration, we can talk about different types of hybrid cars.

In this type of hybrid vehicles, the main energy source of the internal combustion engine, which is what moves the vehicle in most cases. At certain times, and output and an acceleration, the electric motor makes its power in the first instance to run at very low speed and move very efficiently and in the second extra energy to support the engine. The Honda Insight, Civic and CR-Z Hybrid are the best examples of parallel hybrids.

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