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Latest news about Honda CR-Z

Honda CRZ: with the performance of a Type R and improving consumption

MUGEN Europe is developing a highly refined version of Honda CR-Z, who will deliver the performance of a Type R with hybrid propulsion system, however, an even better fuel economy.

This Honda CR-Z by MUGEN European debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in July. Heeding public outcry that he asks for something more than the CR-Z chicha, see that the car is beautiful and that the system works well, but it lacks that little bit so that benefits and services meet at 100 by 100. To take that speck of salt that is missing, the CR-Z MUGEN Europe has improved the engine 1.5 liters i-VTEC and IMA electric propulsion system allowing increased power and torque. Naturally, brakes and suspension will be tweaked to suit the dynamic improvements.

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Honda CR-Z, a whole piece of jewelry

Rachel Gallery, a luxury jewelry designer who has created pieces for celebrities such as Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis and pop star Lily Allen, has partnered with Honda to produce the original complement of jewelry, created as a result of the parties Honda CR-Z.

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Hybrid Cars

More power internal combustion engine, the result of the union of both elements are born hybrid cars. Their progress in recent years has been substantial and are seen as the real and viable alternative and efficient vehicles. We tell you how, plus detallarte a long list of cars already sold and many more to come soon.

Together in a vehicle internal combustion engine, gasoline or diesel-, an extra battery as well as the conventional one or more electric motors. End result: hybrid vehicles. According to its operation and configuration, we can talk about different types of hybrid cars.

In this type of hybrid vehicles, the main energy source of the internal combustion engine, which is what moves the vehicle in most cases. At certain times, and output and an acceleration, the electric motor makes its power in the first instance to run at very low speed and move very efficiently and in the second extra energy to support the engine. The Honda Insight, Civic and CR-Z Hybrid are the best examples of parallel hybrids.

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Opel and Honda suffer effects of disasters in Japan

The shortage of Japanese electronic parts Opel force to stop car production at two plants next week, the company said, while Honda will delay the delivery of orders in the U.S. because of production shutdowns in Japan.

For its part, Honda Motor Co. Said it reported that its dealers do not know when to standardize the production in Japan. The company said it will not comply with the orders for these vehicles until production is restored.

Vehicles built in Japan and sold in the U.S. include the Honda Fit, CR-Z hybrid Civic and Insight.

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Mugen Honda CR-Z, the hybrid sports expected

Mugen Europe is willing to give the sporty that it lacked the Honda CR-Z. The brand of performance parts specialist Honda has decided to go one step further, the step that was expected after launching the aesthetic sports kit for the Honda CR-Z. A promising list of changes that make your mouth water for all fans of the Honda hybrid toddler.

The Mugen Honda CR-Z, is currently only a prototype, was presented at the Goodwood Festival held in July and could be a reference to take to manufacture the Honda CR-Z Type R motor with its possible turbo. In addition to aesthetic improvements in work on his mechanics (will not be an aesthetic as the existing kit), improvements in the 1.5-liter combustion engine that mounts and the IMA system to improve its power and torque.

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