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Latest news about Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z Mugen RR even more aggressive

A few days ago we presented you the look in had given Mugen Honda CR-Z, with a much more aggressive and we enjoyed in the past Festival of Speed ​​at Goodwood. Now, the company unveiled its new Nippon hybrid variant, for which he has incorporated the initials "RR" in their name.

It includes, like its twin version, many carbon fiber elements, such as the hood, doors and tailgate. They also emphasize on the outside of his two great escapes focused and impressive air intakes to the front bumper, not to mention the alloy wheels 18 ". For the body, the brand has chosen a striking orange that has been called "Valencia Orange Pearl."

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Mugen Honda CR-Z Mugen vs Ariel Atom

Only two different cars together by a common name and interest to create an Eastern coach high performance machines can get the fine edge where before there was little sensation

This is fine but ... they are truly comparable Honda CR-Z Mugen and Mugen Ariel Atom? I personally do not think so but still tending Auto Express and the possibility of having both cars on the same track at the same time and to afford to do with them what you want why not?

As for the vehicles chosen, as you know the model "tricks" by Mugen Ariel is a real beast of circuits, a piece whose weight has been limited to a minimum while in the other place we have a balance vehicle more or less attractive aesthetically, with 200 horses in little or no resemblance to his brother's name.

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Mugen Honda CR-Z - Fifth Gear Web TV

We met for a test that makes Youtube Channel Web TV Fifth Gear's new Mugen Honda CR-Z.

We can see both the details of the exterior and interior, as well as their driving behavior.

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MUGEN RR Honda CR-Z Concept

Presented at Goodwood Honda CR-Z Concept MUGEN RR, along with the already known Mugen CR-Z Concept.

RR is a pure version of the design concept and therefore has been equipped with new components: bumpers, spoilers, side skirts and 18 "dedicated. The CR-Z acquires a determination unknown to the standard hybrid model, thanks to the orange color chosen for the prototype, in contrast to the carbon fiber aerodynamic components nude.

Particular interest is the solution chosen by the rear, the exhaust split is placed at the top, leaving room for a large air extractor, which works with the spoiler on the rear window more to ensure correct aerodynamic pressure. No detail has been revealed about the mechanics, which plays a secondary role in this prototype, since the issue of pure performance has created Mugen CR-Z Concept, equipped with a turbocharged version 1.5 iVTEC hybrid, capable 200-horsepower and 22 lb.-ft. of torque.

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The Mugen CR-Z with 200 hp in a limited edition Mugen Honda CR-Z: Mugen cows, dragons roar

Everything is chaos, until suddenly, around you no longer drops anything, because nothing moves, and the walls do not complain, but you do not realize even if stopped, that strange feeling still owns your body and the vacuum your inner battle with your desire to react. Slowly you join and try to sort your mind during the following hours the aftershocks will continue to test your nerves. This was great, you know and the press will tell you. That 11 / M was the terrorist nature, and Japan experienced the strongest earthquake in its history, 9.0 on the scale.

Not enough powerful earthquake coupled with a nuclear risk and the tsunami that was triggered to overthrow the eastern empire, nor could make nuclear attack 70 years ago, Japanese garden flourish as it always has, and perhaps so called Honda CR-Z model, "Compact Renaissance Zero," a self-tribute to a culture that has proven to be able to resurrect from scratch. And for this new battle these little Samurais premiering contemporary prepare new armor provided by the renowned trainer Mugen. Like the samurai, warriors will be few CR-Z prepared by Mugen that will give battle and the most prominent mechanical variant will have a turbo added to your gasoline engine will raise their combined power to nearly 200 horsepower. Although unfortunately there are no figures yet of future performance.

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